G A L L E R Y :

A selection of previously sold works.

Dragon's Hoard. Acrylic, watercolor, ink assemblage.

Spirit Guide. Charcoal.

Indecision. Acrylic, ink.

Illumination Land: Functioning Lamp Sculpture. Disney figures, paint, fixative.

Cleansing Rain. Acrylic.

Enucleation. Pencil, ink.

Halloween mural for a local coffee shop. 6' articulated skeletons on coffin shaped backgrounds. Ink, acrylic, assemblage.

Wanderer. Acrylic, ink.

Howlin' Wolf. Acrylic and ink.

Pterodactyl Nest. Acrylic, watercolor assemblage.

Earth Goddess. Watercolor, acrylic.

The Little Things: Vanilla Sky. Acrylic.

Anxiety Bats in Flight. Acrylic.

The Monsters Within. Acrylic.

Bear's Travels. Acrylic, watercolor assemblage.

Baise moi comme c'est 1969. Acrylic assemblage.

Nevermore. Pencil, ink.

Last Unicorn's Tide. Acrylic.

Pastel Fox. Acrylic.

Time... She Creeps. Mixed media assemblage.

Celebration of the Feminine Self. Acrylic, mixed media.

Gateway to Dreams. Acrylic, mixed media assemblage.

Mr. Monocle. Acrylic, mixed media assemblage.

Paper Lanterns. Mixed media, spray paint assemblage.

Woodland Deer. Acrylic, ink.

Woodland Fox. Acrylic, ink.

Breakup Breakdown. Mixed media assemblage.

Portrait in Fur. Acrylic.

Keeping the Nightmares At Bay. Acrylic.

Catfight. Oil, mixed media.