Ashley Alexia Foxx is an internationally published pop surrealism artist from Anaheim, CA. Since 2009, she has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions at various galleries, museums and local venues across Texas. She primarily exhibits in San Antonio, Austin, and the surrounding cities. Foxx has several years of experience as a curator, been featured in magazines in the US and Canada, and painted public murals. She enjoys participating in charity fundraisers and giving live art demonstrations.

Foxx creates artworks that often focus on issues important to her, such as mental health awareness, LGBT+ rights, and the environment. At first glance, her style can be described as whimsical, but looking closer, the offbeat characters and bright colors are intentionally used to distract from the deeper issues addressed in her art. There’s a subversive and sarcastic quality evident in her work: a juxtaposition between playful imagery and serious subject matter.

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